Our Homeschool Space

IMG_6527One of my favorite things to research on the internet is how others have set up their homeschool space, whether it’s a carefully planned out corner in the family room, or an elaborate room solely devoted to homeschool.  Often these voyeuristic endeavors result in new ideas for how I can improve my own homeschool space.  Over the past year and a half, my homeschool space has evolved from a portable trifold board in our family room, to a homeschool corner in the playroom, then finally into a homeschool/craft room.  With the new school year quickly approaching, I thought I would share my space with you.  It is still a work in progress, so please excuse our unpainted walls.  That’s my (husband’s) next project once I decide on a color.  I’m torn between a cheerful pastel yellow, a peaceful blue, or a  neutral khaki (let me know below in the comment section what you would choose).

This year I will only be working with my two-year-old son, so I’ve set up the room with the Little Goose Supplement in mind.   There is lots of room to move around, a place to cuddle, and an area to create.  So without further adieu, here is our homeschool space….


Now let me show you some of the finer details…

Our Cuddle and Snuggle/Reading Area

One of our favorite parts of the Little Goose Supplement is the daily Cuddle Snuggle activity.  It’s a great time to slow down and have a quiet, bonding moment with your toddler.   This area is one of our favorite spots to cuddle, even when we aren’t doing school work.  This book caddy is from Ikea and is a great place to put the books on our monthly list (for more information on the monthly book list check out this previous post….Read With Them, Everyday)

Space to Create

Arts and Crafts are a big part of the Mother Goose Time Curriculum, and also one of my little guy’s favorite part of the day.  We’ve had this table since my oldest was a baby, and it has been well used.  It came with three sets of legs so I can adjust the height accordingly as my kiddos grow.


We also needed an area to display all of the artwork we created, so I found an old board in our garage and glued some clothespins to it, and voila we have our own art gallery.



When we started homeschooling, we didn’t have that much in the way of supplies, but as time has gone on, our collection of art supplies has grown.  I love finding creative ways to organize things, so I was thrilled when we got this old card catalog from my father-in-law.  It was the perfect place to store all of our crafty things.

We were also given this great hutch, which is great space to store paper, play dough, book, games and other odds and ends.


I use this rainbow cart to store all of my Mother Goose Time supplies and daily bags.  This was one of the first purchases I made when I began homeschooling and has been one of my favorite items.  IMG_6540

Circle Time Area

When we first started homeschooling with Mother Goose Time, we used a trifold board to set up our circle time board.  We would pull it out each day, and then store it away when we were done.   Now that we have a more permanent space, I have upgraded our circle time board to a blue felt board.   The board is hung at toddler level and I laminated all the circle time pieces and put a piece of velcro on the back.  My son loves picking out the weather pieces for the day, although he is so enthusiastic about this job, most days our weather says it’s sunny, rainy, snowing, cloudy, and windy.


I also used some more felt boards above our circle time board to create an area to put up our daily schedule and daily topic.  This is more for me than my son and helps me remember what we are going to do next.


Sensory Play Area

Since our homeschool room is on the small side, I set up our sensory play area in our playroom.  I found this table at Ikea, and it’s been one of the best purchases I made.

Although this room is still a work in progress, it is one of my favorite rooms in our house.   I love having a space to escape to and to focus on spending time with my son.  This in no way means that you have to have a homeschool room in order to do home preschool with your child.  It is just what works best for our family.  Again when we started, we had a tri-fold board and did homeschool all around our house.   The Mother Goose Time curriculum is so versatile that it can be used in a variety of environments, and can really be tailored to suit your family’s needs.

I can’t wait to start the new school year with my little guy next week, and I hope you will join us for more Chaos on the Creek.

19510309_1588341684509993_3025539560496814781_nDisclaimer:  I am so grateful to have found this curriculum and am excited to share our experiences on the blog.  In exchange for my unbiased and honest reviews, Mother Goose Time has provided us with the curriculum free of charge.

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