Let’s Save The Earth​

We Switched gears this past week in Mommy homeschool/camp and focused our attention on the more realistic aspects of being a Superhero.   What better way to be a superhero in real life than to save the planet.  We learned all about Reusing, Recycling, and Reducing and many other ways we can help save our planet Earth.  These are some of the Mother Goose Time activities we worked on, that helped empower my kids to save  Planet Earth.  Most importantly all these activities can be replicated in your own home with common household materials.

Can Targets

When I started setting up this activity I didn’t feel very optimistic.  I figured my kids would race through it and be onto the next thing, turns out I was very wrong! The premise behind this activity is to use can wrappers (provided by Mother Goose Time) to cover aluminum cans, and then use bean bags to knock them down.  This was a great way to show the kids how to repurpose trash into something useful and fun.  My kids had a great time chucking bean bags at the cans and seeing how far away they could get while still knocking all the cans over.


Upcycled Art

One of my children’s favorite things to do is to make creations out of things we have laying around the house.  So when Mother Goose Time presented us with an Invitation to Create that was essentially doing just that, I knew my kids would enjoy it.  Mother Goose time did provide us with paper cups, yarn, wax sticks and an inspirational photograph, but the rest was up to my kids.  They had a great time creating different creatures and sculptures with the provided materials.


Sorting Trash

We have single stream recycling where we live, so we don’t actually have to sort our recyclables on a regular basis.  However, Mother Goose Time provided us with a fun game, which allowed my kids to experience the joy of sorting trash.  I know that sounds slightly sarcastic, but they actually really enjoyed the sorting experience.  In fact, they told me how much more enjoyable recycling would be if we could sort it into individual cans.  Mother Goose Time provided us with shape signs to tape onto boxes or bags, and trash shapes which we crumpled up and threw around the room.  The kids had fun picking up the trash and sorting it into the appropriate brown bag.


Making Paper

One of our favorite projects of the week was getting to make our own paper.  We used various pieces of colored paper and scrap paper and mixed in water to make a pulp.  We also added some glitter for extra pizazz,  and then spread the pulp onto a screen and let it dry for a couple days.  It was a great way to teach the kids about the process of recycling paper and all the effort that goes into making something they often take for granted.


This has been one of my favorite weeks of Mother Goose Time all year.  My husband and I are big advocates for the environment, and regularly discuss environmental issues with our kids.  We try to reuse, recycle, and reduce on a regular basis, but it is still nice to have a refresher every now and then.  This week’s activities have helped to reinvigorate my kids’ passion for environmental issues.  I am proud of my little environmentalists, and can’t wait to see what they do with all they have learned and will continue to learn.

As usual, if you have any questions or comments, please let me know.  See you next week for more Chaos on the Creek.



Disclaimer:  I am so grateful to have found this curriculum and am excited to share our experiences on the blog.  In exchange for my unbiased and honest reviews, Mother Goose Time has provided us with the curriculum free of charge.









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