Treasure Hunt


IMG_4966Back in May, when we opened our Alphabet Island box from Mother Goose Time, my son excitedly pawed through the daily bags and shrieked with excitement.  He had found the treasure map from an upcoming lesson and could barely contain himself.   At that moment I made a mental note way back in the recesses of my mommy brain that I would have to plan something special for this lesson.   When Treasure Map day arrived at the beginning of last week my son was overflowing with excitement, most importantly he wanted to know if he was going to get to go on a treasure hunt and if there was going to be real treasure at the end.

The lesson plan for the day included an activity that discussed landmarks and how to use them to guide your way to different destinations.  My son used a set of story cards (provided by Mother Goose Time)to create a story about a little boy on a treasure hunt. IMG_4756Next, we focused on shape review, and found various jewels around our school room and raced to put them in the treasure chest.IMG_4755

To Culminate our day we read a book about pirates on a treasure hunt, and the kids were supposed to create their own treasure maps.  However, before they got to that activity I had one more surprise activity in store for them.

I had planned a treasure hunt around our yard, which would help review the alphabet at the same time.  I also tied in some of the concepts we had learned about landmarks earlier in the day by using some of the kids’ favorite places in our yard on my treasure map.  IMG_4725At each landmark in our yard, my son identified what letter it started with, and collected the corresponding letter card.  Each month Mother Goose Time has sent us three new letter cards, over the year we have collected a whole set.   I laminated them for extra durability.

‘T’ is for Tree
‘R’ is for Raspberries


‘P’ is for Pirate Playground


First things first, my boys needed to dress the part, so we gathered some of our pirate gear out of the dress up bin and got ready for an adventure.

Then I released the crew, and they were off on a swashbuckling journey which ended with a treasure chest full of treasure.  I found the treasure chest on Amazon (it’s Melissa and Doug) and filled it with a rock and mineral grab bag (also from Amazon).   My kiddos were thrilled with the rocks and minerals and spent the rest of the day sorting them into colors and using a chart that accompanied them to identify what they were.

A gang of pirates setting off to find their treasure.

‘X’ Marks the Spot

After the treasure hunt, my little ones spent a lot of time organizing their treasure but then decided to move on and make treasure maps of their own.   They loved leading their siblings on a wild goose chase in and around our house.   It was so much fun doing this lesson with my kiddos, and I loved being able to get creative and embellish the lesson a little bit.  Mother Goose Time is so flexible and can be used in such a variety of ways, whether you have a daycare full of kids or just have one little one at home.  We have had so much fun with the Alphabet Island Unit and look forward to wrapping it up this week and moving onto our Camping Unit in July.   If you have any questions or comments please let me know, and join me next week for more Chaos on the Creek.

19510309_1588341684509993_3025539560496814781_nDisclaimer:  I am so grateful to have found this curriculum and am excited to share our experiences on the blog.  In exchange for my unbiased and honest reviews, Mother Goose time has provided us with the curriculum free of charge.

Toddler Diversions


My little guy has been fascinated with this month’s book.

Doing anything with an active toddler around can be a challenging endeavor.  Trying to homeschool a 5-year-old, entertain a seven-year-old and nine-year-old, and also deal with the same energetic toddler is downright impossible.  Luckily this is where Little Goose comes in handy.  In case you don’t know, Little Goose is a toddler based supplement to be used in conjunction with the Mother Goose time.  Check out my previous post A Day with Little Goose for a broad overview of how the program works.   One of my favorite things about the Little Goose supplement, and my focus today is their tray play section.

IMG_4723Each day the Little Goose supplement provides a different tray play idea, which encourages the child to independently explore different stimuli and situations.  This idea of independent learning through exploration is very important to toddlers allowing them to learn at their own pace in their own way.  Tray play is also a great diversionary tactic that I like to use when I need my little one to sit still for a few moments, while I tend to his older siblings.   Mother Goose Time has a different tray play idea for each day including a picture, so you know how to set everything up.

My son’s favorite tray play activities usually feature water or scissors, the latter being the best activity to keep him quietly busy for a decent amount of time.   We had one such activity the other day, entitled “Cutting Sunshine”.  IMG_4512For this activity, my son was presented with a tray containing a black piece of paper, scissors, and yellow strips of paper.  I also spread some glue on the black paper and showed him how to stick the strips into the glue (I don’t dare give him a whole bottle of glue because he loves to squeeze the entire contents out).  He was then left to his own devices., and proceeded to joyfully cut the yellow strips into different pieces.  He carefully and meticulously placed the strips around the paper.  I wish he had the words to explain to me his process.  I am sure the inner-workings of a two-year-old brain would be fascinating to delve into.

When his work was finished, his sisters decided his masterpiece needed some glitter, so they grabbed some out of the art cabinet and sprinkled away.   He was quite proud of his final work and carried it around with him the rest of the morning.


Being able to have my two-year-old participate in daily activities alongside his siblings has been amazing.  It is such a great experience for younger siblings to be able to work alongside their older siblings and learn by watching and imitating them.   It is such a joy to watch this learning process take place, and of course to watch the sibling relationships being formed.

Next week join my crazy crew as they embark on a treasure hunt on Alphabet Island.  There is sure to be lots of fun antics and of course more Chaos On The Creek.

Disclaimer:  I am so grateful to have found this curriculum and am excited to share our experiences on the blog.  In exchange for my unbiased and honest reviews, Mother Goose time has provided us with the curriculum free of charge.

A Voyage to Alphabet Island


Our Adorable Captain.

Every time I hear Alphabet Island, the theme song to Gilligan’s Island starts playing in my head.  Similar to Gilligan’s Island our Island has a charming captain, boats, and lots of excitement.  Unfortunately, Alphabet Island is not destined to become the next hot sitcom.   As it turns out, Alphabet Island is the theme to this month’s homeschool unit.  During this unit we are focusing on reviewing all of the concepts we’ve been working on all year, paying close attention to our letters and numbers.


Mother Goose Time has done a fantastic job with this theme.   The boys have had lots of fun learning about islands, boats, captains, wind, and sunshine.  They have spent the past week making crafts and playing lots of games.  As an added bonus many of the activities have been water oriented, which is always a favorite in our house.   One of their favorite activities was making boats out of tin foil.  The boys especially enjoyed making boats out of tin foil.  The boats were then put to the test, as the boys piled as many things in them before they sunk.

Surprisingly, my son’s favorite part of the day has been the alphabet review portion.  While this part of the day is discreetly tucked away in the teacher guide under the circle time activities, it is one of the most important.   Each day we review a letter or two, and the boys get to color a page in their Alphabet Island coloring book.  There is also another prompt which encourages the child to practice writing the letter somewhere on the picture they’ve colored.   Then, the children are sent on a letter hunt to find the featured letter around their environment throughout the day.

The teacher guide instructs the children to be on the lookout for the featured letter throughout the day.  Whenever they see the letter they are supposed to stick a popsicle stick into an upside-down paper bowl or plate.   The bowl is supposed to represent a miniature version of Alphabet Island and the popsicle sticks represent trees.


My son had so much fun with this on the first day that I decided to spruce up our mini Alphabet Island.  I used some garden foam, sand, and spare seashells to create a more enticing island.  Then I added some detailing to our popsicle sticks in an attempt to make them look more palm tree like, and alas our new Alphabet Island was born.


Each day my son can’t wait to find out what the new letter of the day is, and he immediately starts searching all over our house, until he has filled up our Alphabet Island.   It is such a joy to see him excited about learning his letters, and hopefully, we will be all set for kindergarten in the fall.

My 7-year-old even enjoyed getting in on the fun.

This review unit may mark the end of the school year, but it also marks the beginning of a very exciting summer.  Mother Goose Time continues to provide its enriching preschool experience all year-long.  During the summer months, there are lots of fun summertime activities packed into each monthly box.  If you have a little one at home this summer and are looking for something to keep them busy, head over to Mother Goose Time and check out all they have to offer.  Please feel free to leave comments or questions.  As always come back next week for more Chaos on the Creek, or should I say Chaos on Alphabet Island.

Disclaimer:  I am so grateful to have found this curriculum and am excited to share our experiences on the blog.  In exchange for my unbiased and honest reviews, Mother Goose Time has provided us with the curriculum free of charge.

What’s In The Box-July Edition

Summer vacation has officially begun in our house, and we have had no issues getting into the summer frame of mind.  We kicked off the summer with our new Alphabet Island unit.   The boys and I are already having lots of fun exploring Alphabet Island, and we can’t wait to share our experiences with you.   However, we also received our July Box from Mother Goose Time today and I thought you might like to take a sneak-peek.  This would be a great box to get if you have little ones home for the summer, and are looking for something to keep them busy.   The theme for July is Camping, and from the looks of it, it’s going to be a ton of fun.  Here is what is included in the box:


Teacher Tools and Circle Time Materials



Independence Day Celebration Kit


Week 1




Week 2


Week 3


Week 4


I can’t wait to share our experiences with you and if you are interested in trying Mother Goose Time for yourself, please visit

Disclaimer:  I am so grateful to have found this curriculum and am excited to share our experiences on the blog.  In exchange for my unbiased and honest reviews, Mother Goose time has provided us with the curriculum free of charge.